Living in the City of Angels, I'm frustrated by the lack of cocktails named after our city. So, here's my take on the New York sour: the LA Sour. Angelenos, this one's for you!

Crafted with dry gin, Amaro Nonino, tangerine juice, honey, and a red wine float, this cocktail exudes old Hollywood's allure and elegance.


Amaro Nonino Tangerine juice Honey syrup Gin Red Wine Honeycomb

Step 1

Shake all ingredients with ice until chilled and frothy.

Step 2

Strain into your serving glass filled with fresh ice.

Step 3

Float the wine by pouring it slowly over a bar spoon onto the cocktail's surface to keep it from sinking.

Step 4

Garnish & Enjoy! Add a piece of honeycomb on top (if desired), then toast to your friends and loved ones. Cheers!