If you’re in the market for a simple, crowd-pleasing appetizer for the holidays, stop your scrolling. My Million Dollar Deviled Eggs may taste fit for royalty, but they’re actually quite affordable.

Made with just 6 basic ingredients and about 20 minutes of active work, they’re the ideal company-worthy snack to whip up on a moment’s notice.


Eggs Ice bath Mayonnaise Ground Mustard Cayenne pepper Salt Capers, chives, and paprika

Step 1: Boil Eggs

Cover the large eggs over one inch of cool water. Bring to a rolling boil.

Remove pan from heat; cover, and let stand for 10 minutes. Remove the eggs with a slotted spoon and place eggs into an ice bath to cool.

Step 2: Make Deviled Egg Base

Meanwhile, in a medium bowl, mix together mayonnaise, mustard, and a large pinch of cayenne pepper.

Step 3: Peel Eggs

Peel Eggs, and halve them lengthwise. Carefully remove yolks to a bowl with the mayonnaise mixture, setting the egg whites aside.

Step 4: Assemble

Mash egg yolks with the mayonnaise mixture until smooth, then season with salt as needed.

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